This Saturday! Our last hurrah before the winter months. Come check out what EcoVillage Produce, Cathie Brenkus & the Towel Explosion, Hooper Farm, Berry Good Farm and the Thymekeepers will have for you. While you are at the market, you can pre-order a sustainably-grown Christmas Tree for delivery on your choice of December 5 or 12.

EcoVillage is reporting that they will have Turnip Greens, Hot Southern Mustard Greens, Wonderful Leaf Lettuce, Radishes, Mixed Cooking Greens, Collards, Pear Pecan Bread, Small u-bake Apple Pies, Crookneck Butternut Squash (5+pounds a piece) and Herb Wreaths (they will also be taking orders for these).

Thymekeepers will have Skin Creams, Spider Necklaces, Bracelets, Dried and Fresh Herbs and Dried Herb Blends.

Berry Good Farm are bringing Squash, Pies, Pumpkin Rolls, Bread, Dinner Rolls, Apples, Honey & Honey Products, Jellies, Jams and some other stuff!

Erich Hooper of Hooper Farm will be here as well. He’s bound to have something you want! (we got disconnected as he was about to tell me what he will be bringing.