Hello fellow eaters:

It is with great pleasure (and some impatience, more on that later)
that I welcome you to the opening of the third year of the Gordon
Square Farmer’s Market. I hope that you all have again had a
successful eight months of eating without the Gordon Square Farmers’
Market, although some of you may just be finishing the last of the
pickled beets or dilly beans (or dilly broccoli, recipe in coming
weeks) you made during last year’s market. Because our weather got
warm so early this year, I have been impatient for the market to start
(especially because I happen to know at least one of the vendors has
had really beautiful lettuce and arugula for six weeks).

I hope that you have been looking forward to the good local food from
the market and the conviviality it brings to Saturday produce
shopping. I also hope that you have done your winter assignment and
figured out which of your neighbors have not been to the market and
need a bit of encouragement. What better way to celebrate Independence
Day than by shopping for food that is produced independent of factory
agriculture? This year several market friends are returning, and we
have many new vendors whom I hope will soon become friends (and
suggest recipes). Speaking of which, gentle eaters, you have had a
year to think about food and garden stories you would like to share in
the eater update…

EcoVillage Produce will have arugula, red head Lettuce, kale, assorted
herbs, onions, and (last but not least) flowers.

Hooper Farm , is back and will have lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini,
yellow squash, onions, breads, infused oils, and salad dressings.

Cathie Brenkus will be returning with her cleverly decorated towels!
Look for patriotic themed towels just in time for your 4th of July
celebrations; think of how nice an independence day-themed towel will
look with your grill (and it will certainly match independently-grown
local food).

Bethany Presbyterian
will have baked goods and fudge, coffee and iced
tea, house and garden plants, and Anita Nonneman will have crafts from
South Africa.

Berry Good Farm and Thymekeepers will be back at Gordon Square
Farmers’ Market, but not until next week.

And now to the new folks!

*Open Door Artisan Bakery* is a maker and purveyor of wholesome,
nutritious, and delicious baked goods using organic, locally produced,
and fairly traded ingredients, many of which are naturally
gluten-free. This week the bakery will have: ABC muffins, Lemon Poppy
Seed Tea Cakes, Scones, Oat-Honey Bread, Rustic Spelt Bread, Focaccia
Bread, and Cranberry Oat Cookies.

*Morgan Farm Stay, * will have a limited supply of peas, lettuce, eggs
and maybe raspberries for sale. Morgan Farm will also have
vermicomposting starter kits (with worms), FreeLand Soils’ RootBooster
composted worm castings from Urban Organics (here in Ohio), and Morgan
Farm Stay’s homemade compost tea.

*Tinkers Valley Farm* will have collard greens and broccoli

*Buena Dea* will have applesauce cake-in-a-jar,
chocolate-cake-in-a-jar, oatmeal muukies (cookies), chocolate chip
muukies (cookies).

*Mo Bite Products* will have apple bread, zucchini bread, apple
muffins, chocolate cake, all vegan and organic.

Haleakala House will have banana nut bread, carrot bread, zucchini
bread, as well as basil, mint, sage, and thyme.

*Old Husher’s Farm* will have wildstyle (white, red, and purple)
carrots, kohlrabi, and “A Farm in Cleveland?!” t-shirts.

*The Beanery @ This Urban Homestead* , located in the heart of the
Antiques District, will be selling locally roasted, mostly single
origin coffee beans and some custom blends, as well as cups of pressed
coffee to enjoy immediately. This week at the market they will have:
Ethiopia FTO DP Sidamo Shoye Union, Kenya Kirinyaga Peaberry
Gakuyu-ini, Costa Rica Lourdes de Naranjo-Finca Genesis, Aged Sumatra
Lintong Peaberry ’07 Crop, Sulawesi Wet-Process Toarco Peaberry,
Mexico Oaxaca Pluma WP Decaf, Espresso Profundo Blend

The website is: www.thisurbanhomestead.com
Click on The Beanery.
The beanery email address is : beanery@thisurbanhomestead.com

*Eco Ice Cream and Zen & Back T-Shirts *frozen fruit bars and vintage
Cleveland design tees.

The Gordon Square Farmers’ Market: put more conviviality in your

GSFM is located in the parking lot of Bethany Presbyterian Church at
W. 65th and West Clinton streets (one block south of Detroit Ave.).

Every Saturday through October, 9am-1pm.

Feed back? Please email or talk to us at the GSFM booth on Saturday.