Hello fellow eaters:

It was so  nice so see so many people at the market on Saturday.  I have to admit that I saw a couple of people whom I have not seen since last season.  I also have to admit that my happy thoughts about the market have been somewhat displaced by less happy thoughts about heat and humidity.  As many of you might recall from previous years, I do not like to cook, and, gentle reader, when it is very hot, I really do not like to cook.  But one good thing about hot weather (other than it makes our tomatoes and pepper plants grow like crazy and gets us that much closer to tomato season) is that it makes a lettuce salad  with, say, some baby mustard greens or arugula, onions, peppers, cucumber, peas, broccoli, pickled beets, radishes, hard-cooked eggs, and/or sunflower seeds sound like the perfect supper–and almost all of these ingredients are available at the market in some form.&nbsp ; Even the most die-hard “salad-is-boring” eater, e.g., my mother, would find something to dress up her salad greens and turn them into a flavorful supper (that requires no heat input).  You could always sop up the remaining dressing (also available at the market) with a piece of bread from one of our bakery vendors.  Since some of the eater update readers are new I also feel compelled to put in a plug for (almost) everyone’s favorite beet salad (beets, red or sweet onions, feta cheese, all dressed with a nice mustard vinaigrette) as a good thing to have in the refrigerator when the mercury is climbing (also good on lettuce).  Well, the heat is supposed to break before market day, so we can shop without wilting.

EcoVillage Produce will have kale, argula, garlic scapes, mixed potatoes, red leaf lettuce, assorted herbs and teas, and onions.

Hooper Farm  will have lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, onions, breads, infused oils, and salad dressings.   http://www.localfoodcleveland.org/profile/erichhooper85?xg_source=profiles_memberList

Cathie Brenkus will be take care of your hand and dish towel needs.

Bethany Presbyterian will have baked goods and fudge, iced tea, house and garden plants, and Anita Nonneman will have crafts from South Africa.

Berry Good Farm and Thymekeepers will both be at the market this week, but I am not sure what they will have.  I am hoping that Berry Good will have honey, because I am out of it and have been waiting patiently.

Morgan Farm Stay  will have lettuce, eggs, and maybe other surprises.  Morgam Farm will also have vermicomposting starter kits (with worms), FreeLand Soils’ RootBooster composted worm castings from Urban Organics (here in Ohio), and Morgan Farm Stay’s homemade compost tea.

Tinkers Valley Farm will have produce of types unknown at the time of the eater update.

Buena Dea will have vegan cupcakes:  chocolate, yellow, and carrot spice; and cake in a jar:  apple and chocolate.

Mo Bite Products will have apple bread, zucchini bread, apple muffins, chocolate cake, all vegan and organic.

Haleakala House will have  lemon cake, zucchini bread, carrot bread, and some fresh basil, thyme, sage, and mint.

The Beanery has us covered for the hot weather.  They will make their special Ethiopian Cold Brew to soothe your palate as you peruse the local vendors. Not simply “iced coffee” – this method of slow extraction produces a deliciously concentrated brew with less acidity; it is perfect over ice.  They will also have beans, of course.  The website is: http://www.thisurbanhomestead.com  Click on The Beanery.  The beanery email address is : beanery@thisurbanhomestead.com

Creative Moms will have all natural dry roasted granola, trail mix, candied nuts, fresh herbs, fresh peppers, and cards.  They may also have bath bombs,  laundry line bags, and maple syrup (hold everything!  Maple syrup, hooray!).

This week we will have music by the  Shifty Drifters, 11-1, so plan accordingly.

The Gordon Square Farmers’ Market:  put more conviviality in your shopping.

GSFM is located in the parking lot of Bethany Presbyterian Church at W. 65th and West Clinton streets  (one block south of Detroit Ave.).

Every Saturday through October, 9am-1pm.

Feed back? Please email or talk to us at the GSFM booth on Saturday.