Hello fellow eaters:


First i want to thank everyone who came to the public meeting about vacant housing this evening.  It may not be directly related to local food, but it is directed related to healthy and safe neighborhoods, so thanks for showing up.  Also sorry for last week’s eater update snafu:  we had unexplained (still!) computer issues with our list admin program.


This was a popcorn for dinner and off to a meeting followed by a quick plant exchange kind of evening for me, and apparently it was for our vendors as well, since many of our vendors did not check in to let us know what they will likely have. Plus it is a time of year when it is hard to predict what will be fully ripe.  So I will revert to the true spirit of the farmers’ market and encourage folks to show up and see what looks good, and that is what will go in the soup or the salad (it is lettuce time again!) or the pasta (there are still tomatoes and peppers, or you could get very ambitious and make squash ravioli and invite me over for dinner!) or the casserole.  I think that I will be having my favorite dessert-for-dinner meal sometime this weekend (as it cools off again):  baked ac orn squash with butter and brown sugar.  Remember this is the time of year to make sure to eat any of  last year’s frozen tomatoes or greens or leek and potato soup that remains in the freezer so that you can put this year’s produce in for the coming challenging weather, because we know winter will come and the farmers will all be off to las vegas to try to win the money to pay their taxes (ha! just seeing if you are paying attention, although when I was growing up, I new a farmer who actually did that!)  So I hope to see many folks at the market on saturday, and remember that there will be pumpkins and decorative cornstalks available for purchase at the market stand as well as forms to pre-order christmas trees.  Music this week:  Gary “Pig Knuckle” Nelson playing old-school, hard-core, unrepentant, “died-in-the-wool” American folk, old time, and bluegrass.


EcoVillage Produce will have collards, green peppers, kale, red and green tomatoes,  white and red potatoes, onions, spinach, assorted lettuces, assorted herbs, hot peppers, mixed greens, goat cheese, and their cheerful dispositions (not for sale).


Old Husher’s Farm will have yukon gold potatoes, mizuna, bok choys, german globe radishes, and paddy pan squash.


Buzzard’s Nest Farm is off this week.


Cathie Brenkus will be back in november for the holiday market.


The Beanery @ Urban Homestead will have coffee or else…


Mobite Products will have sweet potato pie, chocolate cake, zucchini bread and muffins, banana muffins, bean pie, carrot cake, spicy bean pie–all vegan and organic.

Creative Moms is off this week, due to a diy home renovation issue.

Surprises this week include:  Berry Good Farm, Tinkers Valley Farm , Morgan Farm  Stay, Ruby’s Garden, Bethany Presbyterian,  Thymekeepers, Haleakala House, Buena Dea Bakery, ReMemories.