Rashid, whose mother runs MoBite Products, is offering a cooking class…

23951 Lakeshore Boulevard Euclid, OH 44123
5pm – 9:30pm Wednesday December 15Th 2010

Fee for the class is $65.00 paid in advance, by cash or money order
by December 13th 2010

In our demonstration cooking classes we feature uncomplicated recipes, debunk myths regarding plant based eating, eat delicious samples, and have lots of fun!

Committed to using mostly local, seasonal, and organic ingredients, we provide a healthy alternative to foods that cause inflammation and disease in the human family.

We provide information on alkaline food & water, holistic healing via food combinations, herbs and proper detox for optimal health, and we will be presenting CieAura – that combines the wisdom of ancient sciences with the power of modern technology. CieAura uses non-trans dermal holographic chips for natural relief of discomfort, energy balance, and improved quality of rest.

Acupuncture without the needles!!!

Healthy Resolutions: Low Calorie, High Flavor
Vegan Baking
Raw / Live Foods