FARMER DAN, TINKERS VALLEY FARM will be selling Bamboo stakes & poles. Here is the list of plants: Collards,Broccoli, Cauliflower, cabbage (early,late dutch,red ) maybe a few other varieties .

Herbs  : Parsley (flat and curly) Sage, cilantro, Rosemary, Tarragon , Basil (genovese, Thia , Pistou ) . The last basil is for growing in containers.

 I will be taking a few raspberry plant orders also .The plants are due in about may 26th .
   PS: maybe a few peppers & er loom tomatoes  we will see .

Old Husher’s Farm:

25 kinds of mostly heirloom ‘maters, including Sungold, Green Zebra, Mortgage Lifter, Cream Sausage ($2)
Mexican Sour Gherkins ($3)
Cat Grass ($2.50)
Long Island Brussel Sprouts ($0.50)
Gourds:  Loofa, Big Dipper, Big Apple ($1.00)
Cucumbers:  Japanese Long, Crystal Apple, Parisian Pickling ($1.00)
Patty Pans ($1.00)

Ruby’s Garden:


Big Boy – Steak Sandwich – Better Boy – Super Beefsteak  (large 10 to 16oz.+ fruit – 70/80 days)

Rutgers (mid to large size fruit- 74 days)

Jubilee (medium golden-orange fruit – 80 days)

Sweet Snack – Super Sweet 100 (red cherry – 70+ days)

*** Big Rainbow (large 16 to 28oz. yellow w/red stripes – 85 days)

*** Garden Peach (8 to 12oz. peachy-yellow skin – 70 days)

*** Black Truffle (6 to 8oz. deep burgundy pear shaped)

*** Fourth of July (4oz red fruits – just like stem tomatoes — * 49 days * early harvest)

*** Yellow Pear (small cherry/pear sized fruit – 70+ days)

*** Red Lightning (4 to 8oz. brilliant red w/yellow stripes fruit – 80+ days)

*** Black Pearl (cherry sized black in color – when chilled flavor like “Concord Grape” – 65 days)

*** Green Envy (cherry sized emerald green color – 70+ days)

*** Sun Gold (golden-orange cherry sized fruits – 65 days)

*** Italian Ice (ivory-white cherry sized fruits 65 days)


Long Purple (Italian type – slender dark purple – 70/80 days)

Burpee Hybrid (best all-around eggplant – dark glossy fruit – 70 days)

Black Beauty (deep purplish black fruit – can grow larger sized fruit – 73 days)



California Wonder  – 75 days – green to red

Red Roaster – 75 days – large fruit – green to red

Gypsy – 65 days – yellow to orange to red…..

Cubanelle – 75 days – yellow/green

*** Carnival Mix — 5 different types bell-shaped – Big Red; Chardonnay; Purple Beauty; Orange

Sun and Diamond – comes as mixed lot so it’s a surprize as to what plant you’ll get – 70 days

— HOT —

Mariachi  – 4″ cone shaped creamy yellow to bright red – 67 days

Summer Sizzler larger fruit – dark green to brownish red – 60 days

Pepperoncini – mildly hot 4″ fruit green to yellow – 65 days

Long Slim Red Cayenne – very hot 5″ fruit – 75 days


*** Gadzukes – dark green Italian-type – appears star-shaped when sliced – 50 days


Crisp and Cool – extra large dense heads 20+lbs… – 100 days

Salad Delight – smaller early red – 3+lbs. – 50 days


Green Goliath – 53 days



Mammoth Dill

Italian Plain- Leafed

Basil — Sweet — Genovese — Lime —

All of the plants are started from Burpee Brand Seeds except for two items (Cubanelle Peppers – Jubilee Tomato – Ferry-Morse)

Please Note that itmes marked with *** are special and limited amount of plants for sale only 6 to 9 of each type.

Prices will run from 1.75 to 5.00 depending on size and type.

Devil’s Backbone Educational Garden:

peppers, eggplants, tomatoes(paste,cherry, and slicers), basil and parsley.  And fresh cut herbs for purchasing. May or may not have spinach and radishes. Depends on this wacky weather.

EcoVillage Produce:

Large white iris
Bee Balm

Bachelor Buttons
Heralds of Spring Mix

Bulk Vegetable seeds:
Blue Lake Green Beans
Detroit Red Beets
Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkins
Sugar Baby Watermelon

Zack “Avocado” Hirt:

Tomatoes:  Cherry Roma, Yellow Pear, Black Zebra, Orange Roma, San Marzano, Rosso Sicilian

Hot Peppers: Chicken Hearts, Fish Pepper, Bulgarian Carrot Chile

Bell Peppers: Giant Orange, Mini Chocolate

Romanesco Broccoli, Scarlet Corn, Mexican Gherkin

Organic growing medium. Only Rosso Sicilian Tomatoes come from organic seeds.