Hello fellow eaters:

I have been feeling like a certain je-ne-sais-quois is missing from the garden this year, and I had not been able to figure out what until it dawned on me that because of rather, ahem, frustrating weather in late May, my tomatoes are still so far away. And then I was a bit embarrassed for myself because of all of the things that are in good shape for eating in the garden right now. Because I have in the past few years come to take completely for granted some vegetables that I did not eat a lot of –or had not even heard of such as (gasp!) swiss chard–just a few years ago. I do not recollect my mother ever cooking greens; that is my excuse, like it or not. The good news of this suspiciously greens-less upbringing is that the situation can be easily addressed with resources readily available: Cleveland’s very robust community gardening program helped me overcome (some of) my vegetable ignorance and learn to love greens of all kinds (and I again thank the folks at OSU Extension Cuyahoga County for their dedication). And the farmers’ market can ensure that we have enough greens (salad and cooking) when our own gardens are insufficient to the task. So I do not want to show any disrespect to my tomato plants (in case they are listening), but I have been having great salads and cooked greens without their showy, red and yellow garden neighbors, so things are just fine thank you very much. In the mean time in the red department we have raspberries, beets, and red swiss chard coming in for real. And, gentle eater, I can practice hopeful optimism (not my strong suit, so practice is imperative) that the tomatoes will come.

EcoVillage Produce did not check in, but I am sure hoping they will be at the market.

Old Husher will be in full Alliumania this week with garlic, green onions, and baby onions. He will also have Mrs. Toke’s freshly dried oregano, which would be a bad joke if he were making it up. They will be some greens: probably kale, chard, and collards. Beets. Maybe some more peppers und perhaps a few paddy pans.

Devil’s Backbone will have herbs and some head lettuce, and maybe some radish.

Berry Good Farm will have honey, grains and jams. They will also have zucchini and applesauce breads and their famous-on-the-west-side “Lazy Daisy Oatmeal Cake”.

Mobite Products will have gluten-free banana and zucchini muffins, regular z muffins, carrot cake, chocolate cake, carrot pie, and blackberry pie.

Origins Beanery (formerly known as The Beanery @ Urban Homestead) will be bringing coffees from Guatemala, Costa Rica, & a limited amount from Yemen. We will also have a number of jars of various small batch fruit preserves from This Urban Homestead.

Cathie Brenkus will have towels and bracelets as regularly scheduled – fun summer patterns including fruits and flowers. This week she will have a free gift with any towel purchase.

This week Jesse Branch from the Imagine Foundation, a local Cleveland non-profit dedicated to ending child slavery worldwide (including right here in Cleveland) will be at the neighborhood table. Stop in and see what Jesse has to share.

Yoga at the market. Are you a Yoga instructor interested in donating your time to a good cause? The Gordon Square Farmers’ Market is looking for you! We are attempting to have as many Yoga at the Market classes as possible this season. We are looking for some Yogi’s who would like to teach a donation (to the market) based yoga class on a Saturday of their choice this market season. We would like for the classes to be around an hour long and for all levels. If you are interested in donating your time or have any questions contact Emily Holody at Ncsummer_2000@yahoo.com or 330-256-6641. Currently scheduled classes are Saturdays July 16 , 23, August 13 & 27

Neighborhood table. Do you have a special talent you would like to share? Are you an excellent baker? Do you make wonderful jewelry? Or, a you a part of a group or club that could help people in the neighborhood? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a Saturday at the Gordon Square Farmers Market Neighborhood Table is just what you need! Here is how it works. The market runs from 10:00am-2:00pm on Saturdays during Market Season and is held at Bethany Presbyterian Church at 6415 West Clinton Cleveland, Ohio. The market will provide a table, chairs and a tent for your use. You can come as early as 9am to set up your space as needed. The best part of all this is it is totally free! The only cost to you would be a small percentage of your sales if you use the space to sell something. The only rule is that items for sale must fall within Market Guidelines. For a list of these guidelines and to reserve a Saturday, contact Emily Holody at ncsummer_2000@yahoo.com or 330-256-6641.