Hello fellow eaters:
When I was thinking about what interesting was going on in the garden and at the market this week, it occurred to me that in spite of some quite stormy weather, it has been a great spring and early summer for greens tender and sturdy. Well, I made it through four eater updates without going on excessively about the glory of greens, gentle reader, so indulge me for a bit.  Spring greens are such a delight after root vegetable, canned, and frozen winters.  Here we are almost at Bastille Day, and we still have tasty salad greens.  I am so happy that we have intrepid farmers who figure out how to keep their more delicate greens from bolting at the first sign of 85 degrees (my spinach has already headed for the hills in spite of my trying to hide it in the shade of tomato plants). There is just nothing else I really want to eat after work when it is hot out other than spicy greens with some beets and whatever else I find in the refrigerator, and I have never had good luck with lettuces in my own garden.  But we already have large and beautiful sturdy greens like swiss chard and kale and collards going on.  This is a good thing because even I do not want to eat  arugula and its friends two meals a day seven days a week, and there are some days when it does not seem so bad to turn on the stove.  And, of course, we are dangerously close to the arrival of the zucchini-tomato-pepper gang. So, as it is raining horizontally and for the umpteenth day in a row, I try to remind myself that a) droughts are a phenomenal pain in the arse for growing food, b) our gardens and our farms are doing pretty well, and c) lots of rain makes the weeds much easier to pull.
In other neighborhood news, some one had the idea of having  a foot race in the neighborhood.  I am not quite sure why any normal, well-adjusted adult human would want to participate in racing, but they are having one, so it might be entertaining to show up.  It starts in Edgewater Park; same day registration begins at 8AM, I think.  Cheering along the route is strongly encouraged.
– Julie


Saturday @ GSFM

Gordon Square Walk & Run 

You still have until tomorrow morning at 9am to register for the inaugural Gordon Square Walk & Run.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Starts: Edgewater Park Lower Pavilion 
6500 Cleveland Memorial Shoreway
Finishes: The Capitol Theatre
1390 W 65th St, Cleveland


Start Time
7:30am – Race Day Registration and Packet Pick Up
8:30am – 5k Run and 1 Mile Walk Start 

Click here for more information and to register. Stop by the market after you receive your gold medal!

Vendor Highlights

MoBite returns with their vegan nachos, carrot cupcake, chocolate cupcake, zucchini muffins, peach cobbler, and more!  Welcome back MoBite! 

EcoVillage will have greens (arugula, collards, lettuce, tuscan kale, red russian kale, curly kale); vegetables (beets, green onions, kohlrabi); fruit (blackberries); herbs (basil, dill, parsley, sage).  They will have recipes for kohlrabi and ham bake, tabouli, tuscan kale salad, beets and kale with feta cheese (sample this), creamed collards and garlicky ribs with collards.

Wooden Knight will have their signature salad mixes, cilantro, and carrots.  They will also have their hand mixed spice rubs and “Just Desserts” cookies.
Phyllis and Re-Memories will have purses, totes, quilts, quilted wall art, and cutting starters. She may have a few cut flowers, too.
Shelby’s Soy Candles will have their normal variety of candles, oils, and tarts. 
Dawghouse Bakery will have their same simple ingredient dawgy treats and a new flavor: bacon and cheddar with oat flour. 
Simple Spunky Jewelry returns with jewelry, organic beeswax lip-gloss and jams/jellies: tri-berry jam, three-fruit marmalade, carrot-cake, lemon marmalade, strawberry marmalade. In addition to some new spicy ones: jalapeno cranberry jelly, caramelized onion jam, habanero apricot jam, and raspberry onion chutney.
Sisterfires will return with market baskets and other useful and delightful fair trade goods. 

Stop by for these vendors and more this week at GSFM! Keep an eye out for next weeks newsletter as we welcome some new, exciting vendors as crops come in.