Saturday @ GSFM

Vendor Highlights

Honest Desires Farm hopes to return with kale, lettuce, carrots, beets, and maybe a few other things. Tomatoes and peppers on the way!

Lucia’s Fresh Produce returns this week with their variety of Hardneck garlics, such as Music and German Hardy. 

Community Greenhouse Partners joins us with pea, radish & sunflower microgreens, basil, rainbow carrots, easter egg radishes, red russian kale, romaine and leaf lettuce salad mix, and Osaka purple asian mustard greens.

EcoVillage will have their usual wide variety of fresh produce.

Cleveland Bagel Company makes their market debut with fresh bagels, four different cream cheeses, and iced tea. 

Dawghouse Bakery will have the normal simple ingredient flavors and a new flavor: chicken, oat flour, cheddar & peas.

Sisterfires will have their variety of Fair Trade goods including lovely market baskets.

Wooden Knight FarmShelby’s Soy Candles and ReMemories will be returning next week! 

Don’t forget to visit the Customer Service table for new 2013 GSFM t-shirts ($12) & totes ($8). Plus, it’s not too late to plant certain herbs & veggies! We have Ohio Heirloom Seeds available for $3 or 2/$5. All proceeds benefit GSFM.

Hello fellow eaters:

Whew, it has turned hot; my grandmother used to say that “horses sweat, men perspire, and women glow,” but somehow “glow” does not really describe how I feel when I get home from work and from walking dogs who are panting mightily (and have bad breath, to boot) and then am trying to figure out what I can make for dinner that requires no heat input.  Fortunately several of our farmers have had early beets, which once cooked (and they can be boiled relatively quickly) are lovely hot or cool, in, for example, the best beet salad ever (according to jenny spencer):  beets, feta, red onion, and a vinaigrette, maybe a hard-cooked egg for protein, or with goat cheese, baby kale, and a lemon vinaigrette (see EcoVillage Produce for an actual recipe), or even cold borscht, summer version, (hold the potatoes).  We have also had some early green beans at the market, also good for cold dinner together with any number of things:  potatoes, onion, olives, hard cooked-egg, or, heck we could go all french on our bad selves and add tuna.  Of course, green beans, onions, and mushrooms go nicely together–please leave the cream of mushroom soup in the cupboard–say with a fast-cooking grain like quinoa or couscous: minimum application of heat but tasty dinner nonetheless.  And of course, last week I mentioned greens, but I did not specifically mention a couple of EcoVillage recipes for cold kale salads that are rich and delicious.  There are so many variations with the veggies available at the market that there is really no reason to suffer long over a hot stove or, heaven forbid, an oven.  I bet everyone has a couple of favorite too-hot-to-cook recipes, so the trick is to swap with friends and neighbors to find new favorites.

– Julie
Upcoming Events
Saturday, July 27th – Roots of American Music joins us once again for live music and fun. Kevin Richards and Sheela Das will conduct a community song writing workshop from 11-noon. 2 songs will be written with those in attendance and performed at the end of the workshop. Check out the flyer below for more info, and don’t forget to BYOB (Bring Your Own Banjo).
Saturday, August 3rd – Cleveland Foodbank joins our Community Table with information about food assistance and other programs. If you’ve ever wondered if you may qualify, they will be doing signups for SNAP benefits on the spot! As always, these benefits are doubled up to $10 at GSFM. Click here for more information on Double Value Produce Perks.
See you there!