Saturday @ GSFM

Vendor Highlights 

Community Greenhouse Partners will have tomatoes, mixed cooking greens, salad greens, zucchini, assorted beans and fresh eggs.

Lucia’s Fresh Produce returns this week with their lovely varieties of hardneck garlic as well as carrots.

Quiroz Farms brings peaches, nectarines, sweet corn, a variety of peppers and more.

EcoVillage Produce is offering:  greens (arugula, collards, lettuce, Tuscan kale, red Russian kale, curly kale, mustard); vegetables (beets, green onions, cabbage, peppers, fennel, yukon gold potatoes, some tomatoes); fruit (strawberries); herbs (basil, parsley, sage).  What can you prepare with these? We have some big cabbages that would be perfect for sauerkraut. We recommend Beets and Kale with Feta (sample this), Tabouli, Tuscan Kale Salad, Creamed Collards and Garlicky Ribs with Collards.  Recipes will be available.

Shelby’s Soy Candles returns with their variety of candles, oils and tarts. Try out their new scent, Agave Lime. 

Cleveland Bagel Company brings their cherished fresh poppyseed, salt, everything, and plain bagels with a variety of cream cheeses that may include cheddar chive, cherry goat cheese, bacon date, and lemon blueberry mint.

Dawghouse Bakery will return this week with their normal variety of fresh and simple dog treats.

Cleveland Foodbank joins our Community Table with information about food assistance and other programs. If you’ve ever wondered if you may qualify, they will be doing signups for SNAP benefits on the spot! As always, these benefits are doubled up to $10 at GSFM. Click here for more information on Double Value Produce Perks.

Don’t forget to visit the Customer Service table for new 2013 GSFM t-shirts ($12) & totes ($8). Plus, it’s not too late to plant certain herbs & veggies! We have Ohio Heirloom Seedsavailable for $3 or 2/$5. All proceeds benefit GSFM.

Staple foods make their debut this week at the Customer Service table. This week we’ll have products from Shagbark Seed & Mill including black turtle, pinto and adzuki beans, heirloom popcorn, as well as addicting corn crackers and tortilla chips. All 100% Ohio. Click here for more information on Shagbark.

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Due to the relentless rain last week, our music and chef demo were canceled. Good news is we’re rescheduling both! Dates to follow… Remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for current, up to date market info.

Hello fellow eaters:
What fun to be talking about cold soups two weeks ago and have hot soup for dinner last night:  no rest for the wicked, gentle eater.  The cool weather may have slowed the arrival of ripe tomatoes a wee bit, but it is worth it for the opportunity to weed the garden without getting sunstroke and to make a couple of pies without the whole household cursing the hot oven–alas, gentle eater, the beneficiary of one of those pies was a certain dog (or dogs), who will go unnamed to protect the guilty, who ate half of a pumpkin pie that was sitting on the dining room table).  It was also lovely sleeping weather, a happy respite from the rather hot evenings of two weeks ago.  Welcome to the crazy growing season:  the spinach has weeks ago bolted, but one might want a sweater to walk to the garden in the evening. Fortunately many fruits and vegetables are doing just fine.  I have had three(!) really terrific cucumber salads and an amazing soup at potlucks in the last two weeks.  Now, cucumber salads (never mind soup) are not something that I would necessarily get excited about, but these were full of flavor and, according to those who brought them, quick and easy (neighbor heidi scanlon was the source of two of these fabulous dishes, so hit her up for recipes if you see her around).  Plus I heard tell of a neighbor who decided that this is the year that she tries to make pickles for the first time, and she went whole hog trying three different flavor batches; congrats.  It is shaping up to be a good summer for cuke use in detroit-shoreway. 


Upcoming Events & More
We give a warm welcome to the West Side Community House line dancing class, participating in our Coupon Program this month sponsored by Neighborhood Connections. For more information about our this program and our outreach efforts, contact Gordon Square Farmers’ Market VISTA Anna Jurs at

Cooking demo August 10th, Dog Day August 17th… for a full list of upcoming GSFM events and more happenings in the neighborhood, check out our event calendar here.

See you Saturday!