Saturday @ GSFM

Cooking Demo

Join Chef Robin Blair from Cooking with Care at 11:30am on Saturday as she whips up a dish using fresh market ingredients. She’s thinking corn fritters, peach waffles, or both! Come for tips, a sample, and to purchase ingredients at the market to make your own.

Vendor Highlights 

Wooden Knight returns with their salad, spices, herbs, garlic, and “Just Desserts” homemade cookies.

Quiroz Farms brings peaches, nectarines, sweet corn, a variety of peppers, red and white onions and more.

EcoVillage Produce is offering:  greens (arugula, collards,  Tuscan kale, red Russian kale, curly kale, mustard); vegetables (beets, green onions, cabbage, peppers, yukon gold potatoes, some tomatoes); fruit (peaches); herbs (basil, parsley, sage).  What can you prepare with these? We have some big cabbages that would be perfect for sauerkraut. We recommend Beets and Kale with Feta (sample this), Tabouli, Tuscan Kale Salad, Creamed Collards and Garlicky Ribs with Collards.  Recipes will be available.

Sisterfires returns with colorful Soapstone art, hats for children and hairwraps for both men and women. Other items are colorful African Market Baskets, worry dolls, wallets, Haitian Masks (Sundial). 

Simple Spunky Jewelry brings jewelry, organic beeswax lip gloss in Lavender, Mint, and Lavender-Mint flavors as well as a new addition: clove flavored hemp seed oil lip balm. Jams/Jellies will be: Tri-Berry Jam,Three-Fruit Marmalade, Carrot-Cake, Lemon Marmalade, Strawberry Marmalade, Habanero Apricot Jam, Raspberry Onion Jalapeno Chutney. New additions will be: Jalapeno Cranberry Jelly, Texas Jalapeno Jelly, Rhubarb Marmalade, Basil Jelly, and Apple Pie Jam

Re-Memories will be at the Market with purses, totes, and quilts as well as Dream Dresses (new item) for those girls small and not so small who like to dream. Also a selection of jellies and jams and fresh flowers.

At the Community Table, Anna Van Farowe, of A to Z Homemade Lemonade, will be bringing her very own recipe of fresh squeezed lemonade to the market.

Don’t forget to visit the Customer Service table for new 2013 GSFM t-shirts ($12) & totes ($8). Plus, it’s not too late to plant certain herbs & veggies! We have Ohio Heirloom Seedsavailable for $3 or 2/$5. All proceeds benefit GSFM.

This week our Shagbark Seed & Mill products return including black turtle, pinto and adzuki beans, heirloom popcorn, as well as addicting corn crackers and tortilla chips. All 100% Ohio.Click here for more information on Shagbark. 

Also at the Customer Service table, honey and maple syrup arrive from our friends at White Family Farm.

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Hello fellow eaters:
You may have noticed that blackberry season in Cleveland has begun.  We had an emergency meeting of the Franklin Avenue Pruning and Canning Guild in order to make blackberry jam for a special occasion, and as a result I have very little more observation to make.  I will simply add that growing blackberries for home use is a fairly straightforward enterprise; you can buy two little plants and in a couple of years they can seriously decrease the amount of grass you have to cut (should you choose to let them expand).  OSU Extension does at least one (and sometimes more than one) free(!) class every year on how to prune brambles and pick good cultivars for your backyard. Once they are established all they need is annual pruning (in early spring) and picking the fruit, neither of which as particularly onerous as chores go, gentle eater.  A neighbor recently told me that she had a dog who would stand at the canes in her yard and nibble the blackberries straight off of them.  I am glad that my dog has not yet figured this out, as Minna is, ahem, not good at moderation.  A modest helping of blackberries for humans, however, is a thing to be heartily recommended.
Upcoming Events & More
We give a warm welcome to the West Side Community House line dancing class, participating in our Coupon Program this month sponsored by Neighborhood Connections. For more information about our this program and our outreach efforts, contact Gordon Square Farmers’ Market VISTA Anna Jurs at

Join us next Saturday for our first annual Dog Day! For more info, click here.

Check out more upcoming events on our event calendar here.

See you Saturday!