Saturday @ GSFM

Join us for the First Annual GSFM Dog Day! At 10AM we will meet up at Zone Rec Dog Parkon West 53rd Street just south of Lorain Avenue. Walk to the market with your pooch and your fellow dog-loving market-goers.

Our new local pet shop Ohio City Dog Haven, Kutya Rev, will award prizes to the dog with the best trick! They’ll also have goods for sale from their new store.

Dawghouse Bakery will have about six varieties of homemade dog treats for sale including their banana biscuit.

We’ll also be giving away homemade tennis ball throwing toys (while supplies last). RSVP on our Facebook page.

Vendor Highlights 

Honest Desires Farm returns with heirloom tomatoes, heirloom romaine lettuce, swiss chard, dinosaur kale, beets, and more!

Cleveland Bagel Company returns with a variety of fresh bagels and killer cream cheeses. We expect thyme/horseradish/black pepper, earl gray tea/orange/honey, cheddar/chive, and a couple more after some experimentation this week.

Gray House Pies will bring their amazing pies made with 100% sweet butter. Expect a variety of regular sized pies and fabulous hand pies good for chowing down on while walking around the market.

Quiroz Farms comes bearing sweet corn, a variety of peppers, onions, and more.

Re-Memories will be at the Market with her purses, totes, and quilts as well as her new line of Dream Dresses and Coptic bound journals, also seasonal jams and jellies. Get them before they are gone.

Plus, EcoVillage ProduceSisterfires Fair Trade, and more!

Cleveland Public Library will be at the market this week with information about their newSeed Library, upcoming seed saving workshops, as well as seeds available for checking-out.

Neighborhood Family Practice joins us with information about their upcoming fundraiser.

Cleveland Energy Savers will be on hand with information about their program.

Don’t forget to visit the Customer Service table for new 2013 GSFM t-shirts ($12) & totes($8). We have Ohio Heirloom Seeds available, as well as Shagbark Seed & Mill products! Their heirloom popcorn, pinto, black turtle, and adzuki beans remain. Come get them before they’re gone! Also, honey and maple syrup are here from our friends at White Family Farm.

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Hello fellow eaters:
I walked to my community garden plot this evening in hopes that my first tomato showing signs of pink would finally be ripe.  I am so looking forward to tomatoes from my garden.  I have tomatoes both in my (increasingly shady) backyard and at my community garden plot in order to minimize the possibility of disaster.  But, I got a late start this spring, and it has been cool lately, and, did I mention the shade in my backyard.  Nonetheless, it took quite a bit of discipline, gentle reader, not to pick that tomato that is finally red, very close to ripe, but will probably taste better tomorrow evening or the day after. Right now I just want to eat that tomato with some salt.  But I hope that in a couple of weeks I will have eaten enough tomatoes that I am ready to actually put them with other vegetables or even to fire up the canning rig.  It was such a wonderful to discover several years ago how much I like tomatoes and corn together, especially with onions and chili peppers.  In the rather bland foodways of my midwestern upbringing (not meant to be a critique, merely a statement of fact), corn was corn on the cob or corn casserole for thanksgiving and tomatoes were in salads, in spaghetti sauce, and on hamburgers–all perfectly good uses for corn and tomatoes, but…  The bottom line is that I am very, very grateful to all of the folks who made food that was different than the food with which I grew up.  And, by making something new for a potluck, or for friends and neighbors, you never know whose world you are expanding in addition to you own.  Wow, a odd place to get by thinking about tomatoes, but you never know.
Upcoming Events & More
We give a warm welcome to the North Shore Neighbors Block Club and Neighborhood Family Practice Centering Program participating in our Coupon Program this month sponsored by Neighborhood Connections. For more information about our this program and our outreach efforts, contact Gordon Square Farmers’ Market VISTA Anna Jurs

Check out more upcoming events on our event calendar here.

See you Saturday!