Saturday @ GSFM

Live Jazz!

From 11am-1pm this Saturday, the Ron Busch/Bob Fraser Jazz Quartet will take over the airwaves of GSFM.

The quartet will feature Bob Fraser on guitar, Peter Dominguez on upright bass, and Val Kent on drums. Ron Busch, 20 year owner of the Cleveland Bop Stop, will be on vibes.

Vendor Highlights 

Honest Desires Farm will have heirloom tomatoes in a rainbow of colors and sizes, several varieties of eggplants, beets, swiss chard, dinosaur kale, romaine lettuce, and maybe some surprises.

Shelby’s Soy Candles returns new fall scents (yes, it’s just around the corner!).

Wooden Knight will have salad mixes, basil, spice rubs, carrots, and garlic.

Bethany Church will have plants and crafts from South Africa.

Re-Memories will be at the Market with her purses, totes, and quilts as well as her new line of Dream Dresses and Coptic bound journals, also seven types of jams and jellies: rhubarb, cherry, red raspberry, black raspberry, blackberry, currant, and elderberry–all organically grown or wild fruit made with cane sugar.

Plus, EcoVillage ProduceQuiroz FarmCleveland Bagel Company and more!

Cleveland Energy Savers will be on hand with information about their program.

Don’t forget to visit the Customer Service table for new 2013 GSFM t-shirts ($12) & totes($8). We have Ohio Heirloom Seeds available, as well as Shagbark Seed & Mill products! Their heirloom popcorn, pinto, black turtle, and adzuki beans remain. Come get them before they’re gone! Also, honey and maple syrup are here from our friends at White Family Farm.

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Hello fellow eaters:
I have to admit that I was a bit cranky when I got home from work:  I was tired, not looking forward to walking my dog, not looking forward to the neighborhood kids asking me endless questions (and wondering why I never see their parents), not looking forward to making something for dinner.  Then my dog heard a neighbor’s voice and ran to her back door begging for a treat (this should probably give me pause when I complain about the lack of parental supervision of some of our neighborhood children).  Miss Minna got a treat, and then I got a really great treat, too:  a perfect fat, juicy tomato from this neighbor who had plenty.  My tomatoes are still ripening very slowly, so while I ate one last week, I had picked it too early, and it was not that great.  But this tomato was perfect.  I know that in the past I have suggested that tomatoes are the high school cheerleaders of the garden:  a lot of fuss is made over them even though they can be a pain in the arse and there are so many other really terrific fruits and vegetables growing around us.  But this tomato gave me an attitude adjustment.  It was so flavorful and good that all of the sudden I was not so cranky.  It seems like this used to happen to me frequently, that something was so good that it simply stopped me in my tracks.  I am not sure what has changed that this seems to happen less often. It is possible that foods that were once new (roasted beets; sautéed kale, arugula, mizuma, tomatillo salsa, and many other things) I take for granted, and I have a access to them as fresh as they get.  Nonetheless, today this shared tomato was so good that the bad went away. So I feel that there are several potential lessons in this small tale, gentle eaters, but I will let you draw your own conclusions.
Upcoming Events & More

We give a warm welcome to the North Shore Neighbors Block Club and Neighborhood Family Practice Centering Program participating in our Coupon Program this month sponsored by Neighborhood Connections. For more information about our this program and our outreach efforts, contact Gordon Square Farmers’ Market VISTA Anna Jurs

Check out more upcoming events on our event calendar here.
See you Saturday!