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Saturday @ GSFM

Vendor Highlights 

Coffee returns to the market! We welcome Ethan, who roasts his own beans and will have freshly roasted light and dark roasts as well as iced coffee available for sipping while you shop.

Join Nicki for homemade jams made from scratch using local and organic ingredients she picks herself. We hope you were able to attend her jam making workshop at the Walz branch this past Tuesday!

Honest Desires Farm will have lots of heirloom tomatoes, mini peppers, and three types of eggplants including the Ping Tung eggplant perfect for baking a cake! They’ll have other odds & ends as well.

Cleveland Bagel Company will be there with bagels and schmears named after famous porn stars. (he said it, not me!)

Community Greenhouse Partners hopes to return this week with large & cherry tomatoes, beans, greens, radishes, leeks, honey, and possibly a few other treats

Also at market this week, EcoVillage Produce and Quiroz Farms come with great end of summer bounty. Simple Spunky Jams & Jewelry, Shelby’s Soy CandlesRe-Memories, and other artisan vendors are bound to be there as well. So grab a coffee, bagel, a basket of veggies, and start your Saturday off right!

Quiroz Farms cantaloupe

Make sure to stop by the Customer Service table for Shagbark Seed & Mill and White Family Farm products before they’re gone! A limited quantity of dried beans, maple syrup and honey remain.

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Hello fellow eaters:
I cooked the first collards from my garden on Sunday evening.  It was overdue–they have been ready for a bit–but I have been lazy, and somehow I experience ripping the good parts off of the tough central stem as a real kitchen chore.  I had the occasion to eat dinner with an old friend from out of town who is trying to incorporate more vegetables into his diet.  He told me that cooking greens have been a revelation, and I thought that he was making fun of me.  But, no, he was serious and noted that this revelation came about because his family gave him a subscription to a foodie magazine that he found not very useful except that it taught him various ways to cook greens. So I use that as an excuse to remind everyone that collard greens as well as kale can be boiled/steamed until they start to get a bit less chewy, drained, and then added to other vegetables, like carrots, onions, garlic, sweet or chili peppers (especially when they are first cooked by roasting), cooked with olive oil.  I know that those of you who are not vegetarian tend to cook collards especially with pork of some kind; I will just look the other way as long as you eat them up.  Barbara Strauss of EcoVillage Produce taught me that creamed collards make a fantastic gravy substitute.  As I write this gravy does not sound so great:  it is hot and I just want it to rain so my new beets continue to come up.  However, greens in general are good in or with many other things, like eggs, pizza (yes, pizza), with potatoes, and soup, and they make a great side dish to help bring more color to the plate.  Let’s face it, good sweet corn tastes really wonderful, but it is not the brightest bulb in the nutritional marquee, and the one thing that creates nutritional consensus is that leafy greens are good for whatever ails you.
Upcoming Events & More
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We give a warm welcome to the North Shore Neighbors Block Club and Neighborhood Family Practice Centering Program participating in our Coupon Program this month sponsored by Neighborhood Connections. For more information about our this program and our outreach efforts, contact Gordon Square Farmers’ Market VISTA Anna Jurs atajurs@dscdo.org.

Check out more upcoming events and neighborhood happenings on our event calendar at gordonsquaremarket.org
See you Saturday!