Saturday @ GSFM

Homegrown Cinema – Week 2!

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Brain & Belly Day!

Fermentation Demo!
Have an abundance of produce but don’t know what to do with it? Of course you can freeze, dry, and can, but have you heard of the traditional method of preservation called lacto-fermentation, otherwise known as fermenting? You are probably most familiar with the fermenting of grapes to wine and grains to beer, but you can easily and quickly ferment your produce from your garden or the farmers market (hint, hint) in your own kitchen without fancy tools! 
Lauren of Honest Desires Farm will give you a basic introduction of what lacto-fermenting is, what tools you will need, some additional resources, and some simple recipes ideas to get you started, along with showing you how to make your own sauerkraut. Yum!
The demo starts at noon
Vendor Highlights 

We welcome Ohio Farm Direct to the market this week with a variety of cheeses and drinkable yogurt. Some varieties include colby dill, spicy muenster and mushroom & leek. Yum!

Quiroz Farm will have apples, nectarines, peppers, green & red tomatoes, onions, and much more.

Honest Desires Farm will have a limited amount of heirloom tomatoes & ground cherries, sweet mini-bell peppers, mild banana peppers, arugula, kale, and Swiss chard, some baby beets, and three types of delicious heirloom beans. Come early and stay for their fermentation demo at noon!

Cleveland Bagel Company returns with a variety of bagels and schmears.

Shelby’s Soy Candles returns from a week off with more fall fragrances.

Ethan’s Coffee returns with their prized, freshly roasted whole bean coffee. They’ll have half and whole pounds of Tanzanian peaberry and Brazilian beans in light and dark roast. French pressed iced coffee will also be available to fuel up your market experience!

…and more! Simple Spunky Jams & Jewelry, EcoVillage Produce, and other artisan vendors are bound to be there as well.

Make sure to stop by the Customer Service table for Shagbark Seed & Mill (featured in our film at the Capitol, Network Theory) products before they’re gone! A limited quantity of dried beans remain.

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Upcoming Events & More
Next week – Bluegrass Kings perform

September 28th 11-noon, followed by a pickin’ party. BYOB (Bring Your Own Banjo)!

Traditional 4-5 member bluegrass band Bluegrass Kings will perform some sing-along tunes like “will the circle be unbroken.” Hailing from West Virginia and Kentucky, they’ll talk about their musical heritage and history of playing on the near west side. Harold King, the band’s leader, has been playing bluegrass for over 50 years.
Bluegrass Kings play for free at Curbside Coffee on Lorain every Tuesday. Click here for an article on the band and more info about the tradition.
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Check out more upcoming events and neighborhood happenings on our September event calendar here.

See you Saturday!