Saturday @ GSFM

Join the Ohio City Bike Co-op‘s morning ride to the market (or ride on your own), and get your bike tuned up by Joy Machines! Enjoy food and drink at GSFM while talking to fellow local-food-loving cyclists.

Vendor Highlights 

BEET JAR juice BAR returns to the market. This week they’ll have organic raw rice milk and organic cashew chai milk.

Ohio Farm Direct returns this week with a variety of cheeses and drinkable yogurts. 

Honest Desires Farm will be finishing up their season at GSFM this week! They will have kale, red romaine, arugula, Swiss chard, beans – three or four varieties, baby carrots, baby cylindrical beets, cherry, currant, and heirloom tomatoes, quarts of mini-bell peppers, orange bell peppers, three types of eggplants (perfect for eggplant cake), ground cherries, purple tomatillos, and maybe a few heads of broccoli.

Cleveland Bagel Company will be there with a variety of bagels and schmears. This week they’re trying out a cantaloupe/basil, hopefully a roasted squash, and two more.

Shelby’s Soy Candles will have fall, as well as a few winter fragrances this week.

…and more!

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Watermelon, beet, lemon juice from BEET JAR juice BAR

Eater Update

Hello Fellow Eaters:

This past week I have had a real treat :  pawpaws.  I have not had them for a couple of summers.  I know that there is a tree (or more likely two) in ohio city, but I cannot remember whose yard they are in, and the other pawpaw trees I know of in detroit-shoreway are not yet bearing fruit.  I cannot wait.  Their flavor is hard to describe, although some people say they taste like banana custard, which I understand, though I do not totally subscribe to that view.  They also have an amazing consistency, not like most things that we think of as fruit here in northern climes.  Pawpaws are so good that it is really had to believe that someone has not engineered a clever marketing program and then figured out a way to distribute them without totally ruining them.  Athens, Ohio has a pawpaw festival every year, but they are native here in the north as well, so Athens should not have all the fun.  I missed a chance to have pawpaw ice cream at the tremont art and culture fest a couple of weekends ago, but I had a head cold and it probably would have been wasted under the circumstances.  Maybe we can lobby some of the local ice cream makers to make a pawpaw ice cream and help create a local business in pawpaws.

Upcoming Events & More

African Drummers Perform

Wrapping up our wide variety of music this season at GSFM will be the African Drummers from Saint Colman’s. Join them on Saturday, October 19th at 11am to celebrate musical diversity in our neighborhood. This music project has been organized by a group of neighborhood residents with assistance from Neighborhood Connections.

Brain/Belly Day Reschedule

Due to the torrential rain on Brain/Belly Day, we will be having a book giveaway once again on Saturday, October 19th. All books donated to GSFM courtesy of Half Price Books.

Kids Day – Saturday, October 26th

Join us for Halloweeen crafts, pumpkins, and fun!

GSFM Winter Markets announced

Save the dates of our Thanksgiving and Holiday markets located inside the Gordon Square Arcade.
Saturday, November 23 10am-1pm
Saturday, December 14 11am-4pm

(part of Gordon Square’s Wrapped in Tradition)
If you’re interested in vending at these events, email Alex at for an application.