How do we make our market possible?

First, we charge our vendors 5% of their daily sales. This is a very low fee when you look at other markets which generally have a flat fee for the season.

We developed this percentage fee to address the fact that we are a newer market with a smaller base of support than the larger markets and also knowing that our mostly urban (and new) farmers/growers need all the help they can get to make their operations fiscally possible.

Mostly we have existed with generous donations of time, space and facilities.

In order to print posters, brochures and banners, we have exhausted a grant from Neighborhood Connections.  In June of 2009 we were awarded a few thousand dollar grant in order to pay local musicians and create outreach materials.

Without this grant, we would have a much harder time letting you know about what we’re up to.  If you have a neighborhood project that needs funding, please check out Neighborhood Connections.