The Gordon Square Farmers’ Market was founded in 2008 as the Ward 17 Farmers’ Market. With City Council wards being consolidated and renamed, it was obvious that we needed to go with the flow. Building on the reputation and history of Gordon Square as a place to come for great food and entertainment, we decided to rename ourselves as the Gordon Square Farmers’ Market (GSFM).
Our market is comprised predominately of urban growers who put the local in local food. Most of the produce that you will find at GSFM is grown within the city limits or 50 miles. When you consider how far the produce you find at the West Side Market or your local grocery store has traveled, you will see how easy it is to taste the difference at our market.
Our first season won us friends, customers and a Community Spirit award from Detroit-Shoreway Community Development Organization “for creating a neighborhood market place and enhancing the sustainability of the neighborhood”. We are very proud of this honor and strive to improve upon all that we do.
We also won a grant from Cleveland’s Neighborhood Connections to do more outreach and pay musicians to add to the atmosphere of our outdoor market.
In 2009, we added more live musicians and locally, sustainably-grown Christmas trees.
In 2010, we added the ability to accept Ohio Direction/EBT.

In 2012 we won a marketing grant from Enterprise Community Partners through our partnership with the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization.

In 2013 we formed a Steering Committee and plan to apply for official status as a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit corporation.